Raptor Code Generator

Raptor Code Generator 2.7

Generates any code derived from data model

Raptor Code Generator is a tool that you can use to generate any code that is derived from a data model. The generator would give you the object relationships and allows you to create code that is able to navigate those relationships easily.

It supports any languages such as Java, C#, VB, SQL, Perl, shell scripts, textual reports, jsp, and HTML. Raptor Code Generator can generate codes like Java Beans, EJB's, DAO (data access objects), graphical objects, forms, XML parsers, Server/Client side objects, proxy objects, SQL scripts, XML code and other codes.

Raptor Code Generator updates the codes every time your Java model is updated. This will save a lot of your time and will make your work easier.

It does the updating of the objects, java beans, SQL code, EJB's or other code related to a data model on its own. This tool is easy to use with user friendly interface with so many functions.